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Benefits of web-based solutions for administration/staff of your retirement community

Benefits to your administration/staff

increasing efficiency by delivering information to and receiving information from the residents in real time

From an increase in accuracy to a decrease in confusion regarding event information, your staff will benefit from the online Calendar of Events. Events can be planned up to 12 months in advance. The time it takes to print out and distribute hundreds of copies of the calendar on a weekly or monthly basis is virtually eliminated as residents will access the information online. Staff and residents can print up the calendar (daily or monthly) at any point in time, reflecting the latest information.

More than one staff member can have access to the calendar, allowing them to update the information in their own areas of responsibility (i.e. manager of the dining facility posts the date of a holiday party while the fitness instructor changes the water aerobics class). These personnel don't have to submit their changes to a third person and wait for him/her to update the calendar when they can do it themselves, easily, quickly and immediately.

Think about your staff and what they go through for EACH and EVERY meal: They pass out the paper and pens, collect the forms, read illegible writing, sift through to see whose forms are missing only to have to track down that person to obtain his or her meal selection. Now comes the tallying!

Meal Ordering simplifies the process and helps eliminates the hassle. Not to mention, last minute menu changes are easy when the information is updated online.

Having an online Resident's Directory is a time and cost saver for staff and administrative personnel. Think of all the steps involved in printing up and distributing resident directories dozens of times a year - just because you're trying to stay current! Updating the directory online is fast, easy, free and instantaneously gives all staff and residents access to current information. We have added a printer option for anyone who prefers having a hard copy, or for use in common areas (i.e. exercise room, dining area, movie room). The online directory can be printed at any point in time and from any desktop printer.

Perhaps the best feature of the Residents' Directory is the ability to find resident and facility phone numbers with the touch of just a few keys. Enter the first or last name, or part of a name, into the search field and you'll have the phone number in seconds. Of course, we build in security, protecting residents' information from people outside the retirement community.

Staff will create the basic profile for new residents. Upon request, staff can upload residents' photos and/or personal information for the profile on their behalf. All contact information (i.e. name, address and phone number) will be automatically entered into residents' profiles from the Residents' Directory feature.

The expense tracking feature is a time saver for staff

  • Charges for various services (i.e. meals, laundry, housekeeping), are automatically recorded as residents sign up/cancel services.
  • Many residents will print up their own expense reports, reducing the time staff spends performing this function.
  • Staff can export residents' monthly expenses in one batch file to an Excel, ASCII or other file format as needed to accommodate your accounting system.

As with the Calendar of Events, the Announcements feature can be updated at any time by staff, giving the residents the latest information about what's happening in the retirement community. The type of announcements posted is up to the staff/administration. Perhaps you want to let your residents know about a temporary change in staffing or in the garbage pickup routine or even caution them to avoid an area undergoing maintenance. Whatever your staff's needs, the Announcement feature can help them notify residents of the latest news.

Newsletters are always fun to read, but they're often a lot of work for staff. With the Newsletter feature, staff can post the pdf version on the website and cut down on distribution time as well as paper expense. Both staff and residents maintain the ability to print the newsletter (including past issues) from any desktop. Any marketing campaigns, which might normally involve a newsletter, can now list a simple website address, pointing prospective customers, or families of residents, to the online version of the retirement community's newsletter.

A retirement community can have up to 20 different photo galleries, each holding up to 25 pictures. The retirement community can leave this section secured for residents' viewing, or make it open to prospective customers for marketing purposes. Photos Galleries are easy to create. Your personnel only have to upload the pictures and type in a title and description for each photo (the title and description are optional). They do not have to resize or digitally alter any photos, as the Photo Gallery feature automatically resizes and adjust all photos to fit into the Photo Gallery. (read more)

Aside from the ability to enter and update information in the various web-solution features (i.e. Meal Ordering, Announcements and Residents' Directory), designated staff will be able to update the other web pages on your retirement community's website (i.e. About Us, Home Page, Services, Contact). These pages don't usually require frequent updating, but occasionally a change in services or management necessitates it.

Save time and expense in filling open positions, using our employment opportunities module. (read more)

Your retirement community's administrator will have global control over all the web-solutions features you choose for your website. He decides who should be in charge - and accountable - for each of the various web-solution features. He can divide the control of the different features (i.e. Meal Ordering, Announcements and Residents' Directory) among his staff according to their current lines of responsibility, or however he sees fit.

This division of access and responsibility allows personnel to manage the features which directly affect their own areas while ensuring accountability and reducing any risk to residents' money and privacy.

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