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benefits of web-based solutions for prospective customers

Benefits to your Prospective Residents

Impress your prospective residents, show them who you are, and what you can do for them. Bring the essence of your retirement community into their living rooms and offices today´┐Ż when they're researching where to live tomorrow.

Features Open to All Web Viewers

Your prospective residents can interact with many of these features, you choose for your retirement community, just by visiting your website. These first eight features below give your prospective residents a feel of what living in your retirement community is like.

  • Calendar of Events
  • How active is your retirement community? Your customer can see for him/herself by selecting a category, (such as wellness, social, education), then choosing the month or day to see the upcoming events. Read More

  • Announcements
  • Inform and excite your prospective residents with what is happening in your retirement community. Publish your announcements online. Read More

  • Press Release
  • Are you issuing a press release about your new CFO or your new town homes? Post your press releases on your website where prospective residents can read them, even six months after the fact.

  • Articles
  • Let your customers read what independent media and organizations have to say about your retirement community.

  • Newsletter
  • Publish electronic newsletters for your residents and let your prospective residents know, in detail, about life at your retirement community. Read More

  • Useful Links
  • This section allows you to put all the useful Internet sites at one location so your residents and prospects do not have to search for them.

  • Photo Galleries
  • "A picture is worth a thousand words." That is the power of having Photo Galleries on your website. SHOW pictures of your residents being active and happy. SHOW your retirement community and all it has to offer. Read More

  • Testimonials
  • Your residents are the people to whom your propects relate. Let your residents speak on your behalf. Publish your residents' testimonials on the quality of life at your retirement community.

Features Open to Residents Only

Some of the most powerful and helpful features are only accessible on your website via secured login. While we won't compromise your residents' privacy by making these features accessible to the general viewing public, we want your prospective residents to see and understand what Retirement Community Solutions will do for them, as residents. On your website, we provide an overview for your customers to read about the secured features they will have as residents. And with online demos, your customers will experience a trace of what your retirement community will give them.

  • Home Page for Residents
  • Your residents' homepage, page they access after successful login, is designed to give them easy access to everything in the community. Items on the homepage typically include: Announcements, Events of the Day, New Residents, Today's Menu, Meals Ordering, My Profile and Residents' Directory.

  • Personal Profile
  • Your residents can create personal profiles which contain any information they'd like to share with other residents of the community. (read more)

  • Residents' Directory
  • Residents can search the uptodate online resident's directory by name, address, or phone number to find fellow residents. (read more)

  • Meals Ordering
  • Residents reserve (or cancel) breakfast, lunch, and dinner online, from the convenience of their home, whenever they want. (read more)

  • Scheduling Laundry, Housekeeping, Personal Care Services
  • The convenience of scheduling laundry pickup, housekeeping and other personal care services online makes life easier for residents.

  • Expense Tracking
  • Customer will see that residents can review and manage their money from day to day, at any time of the day, in the privacy of their own homes. (read more)

Interested In Learning More?
To learn more about Retirement Community Solutions please, contact a Retirement Community Solutions Sales Executive.

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